Our Mission is to share, promote and preserve local recipes, local traditions, people's work and tastes of each country

Welcome To all world travellers and taste seekers,

We believe that our best moments in life involve food in some form or other.

Our greatest memories seem always to go back to our origins, traditional family food. The planning and preparation that is made months in advanced for any big traditional feast, where all the family come together and where, between courses, the best and most adventurous stories are told. And let's also not forget having dinner with friends at home or in a restaurant, to celebrate a moment in life or simply to catch up on the daily gossip. 

Food brings us together, gives us pleasure, makes us grow, allows us to be creative and share more love.

Here and now we want to share the various gastronomic cultures and local food projects by making people aware of them. We want to look closely at how rich each culture is, giving them a voice and making room for diversity. Diversity makes us learn, understand and appreciate our differences in a more civilised manner. This project is also a tribute to the manual work involved in the preparation of food, an aspect of our culinary traditions that is slowly disappearing from all our lives.

As humans beings it does not really matter who we are but what we do well. This is a very tasty and exciting journey.

Let us know about your local food and projects, what makes them so special and will do our best to make them known to the world through our website.

Let's create new ideas by sharing knowledge.


The Journey of Flavours Team

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